The Rev-Scale Diagnostic

A 2-step tailored assessment designed for you to know exactly where you need to focus for scaling your business and revenues

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Name of Business

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Number of Staff (Employees &/or Contractors)


I'm a Solopreneur


1-5 Employees


5-10 Employees


10-25 Employees


25+ Employees

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What is your company's annual revenue? (If you are a solopreneur, side-hustle-preneur, or own multiple businesses state your total combined revenue)

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Tell us a little about your business. Industry, years in business, products or services, etc. 

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What are your biggest goals in business right now?

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What is your number 1 struggle in your business right now in reaching those goals?

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How much are you working in the business vs working on the business?


Mostly working IN the business. I have less than 10 hrs/week to think strategy, growth, scaling etc.


Working some ON the business. I have about 15-20 hrs/week to think strategy, growth, scaling, etc.


Mostly working ON the business. I have well over 20hrs/week to think strategy, growth, scaling, etc.

Question 9 of 10

How well-defined is your Intellectual Property? If your customers/clients & team all use a "common language" when talking about your business, branding, & products/services, then you'd have a very well-defined I.P. (We are not talking brand awareness here, most companies aren't Coca-Cola 😉)

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What have you done to market your business? What is working & why? What isn't working & why?

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